Tips to Nail your Australian Student Visa Interview

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One of the most important parts of your journey to study in Australia is getting your student visa. If you are really planning to come and study and not just using the student visa as a way to get your permanent visa, you should have an easy time proving it to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. However, interviews can be a bit daunting sometimes for even the most honest applicants, so here are a few tips for you to be prepared for your interview. 

1- Answer the questions without too many explanations

When under stress, many people start blabbing and talk too much. If you are prone to doing this, prepare yourself before you go to the student visa interview and control yourself. Just answer the questions as truthfully as possible and don’t overthink them. 

2- Know the purpose of the visa interview

The immigration officer’s main job in the student visa interview is to prove that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). He/she wants to know that you don’t have ulterior motives for coming to Australia, such as coming to work only instead of studying. Even though you are allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight on a student visa, you must never count on that as your main source of funding your studies. 

3- Be clear about why Australia is the right place for you to study

You must be able to prove to the immigration officer why Australia is better than studying back in your home country. They may ask you questions about why you need to come and study in Australia and not online, and why you chose to study this particular course in Australia instead of in your home country. This means that you need to do your research and know why studying in Australia at a TAFE College or at a university (such as the University of Sydney or the University of Melbourne) is better and how it would improve your job prospects in your country (not in Australia). At Edustralia, we will schedule a mock interview online and we will coach you through it. 

4- Know what’s in your statement of purpose well

While preparing your student visa application, you will be asked to prepare a statement of purpose. If someone has helped you in writing that, make sure that you know what they have written and that you agree with it 100%. The immigration officer will definitely ask you about your statement of purpose, so make sure you know what’s in it. 

5- Be able to prove your financial situation

Another main purpose for the Immigration Officer is to determine whether you can afford living and studying in Australia. They want to make sure that you are not coming to Australia to work legally or illegally in order to support yourself. This is why you need to make sure that you know your finances and where the money to support your studies in Australia is coming from. You need to make sure that you or your sponsor have enough to cover your tuition and living expenses. 

6- Show that you are confident

One more thing that the immigration officers look for in your student visa application to study in Australia is whether you are confident enough to live and function in the Australian environment. You need to show them that you are a mature and serious individual who is responsible and can take care of himself/herself. 

7- Prepare answers to questions you expect to be asked

There are many questions that you may be asked during the visa interview. The list below can help you a bit, so try to answer as many questions as you can from the following:

  • Why do you want to study in Australia?
  • Why don’t you study the same diploma in your country?
  • How do you intend to support yourself in Australia?
  • Are you in a relationship? How long have you been together?
  • What do you plan to do when you finish studying in Australia?
  • Why did you choose to study at this university in particular in Australia?
  • What would you do if your visa was refused?
  • Tell me a bit about the Australian college where you plan to study.
  • Tell me a bit about the course you chose and what it includes. 
  • Why should we give you a student visa?

Here’s also a list of more questions and answers that you can check. 

In the end, we wish you the best of luck during your student visa interview and hope to see you here in Australia soon. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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