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While studying in Australia is a very important and beneficial step in a person’s career, many students try to use a student visa as a means to try and get the PR (Permanent Residency). However, all international students should be warned that any educational agent promising or offering advice on which courses to study in order to get the PR is not only doing something illegal, but potentially scamming you out of your hard earned cash. 

What basically happens is that the education agent checks the SOL (Skilled Occupations List) and then advises students to major in whatever is on that list because, since these skills are in need in Australia now, the students will have a better time getting the PR. However, the SOL changes almost every year, so there are never any guarantees. 

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There are many other reasons why we are saying that these PR Pathway courses are scams, and one of the first and main reasons for that is that if you are using the student visa just to get your PR later, this would be a direct violation of your GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) declaration that you submitted while applying for your student visa. This is not only illegal, but also highly unethical and also unsure because the SOL mentioned before always changes. 

Another reason why this is a bad idea is that education agents are not allowed by law to give any advice regarding obtaining Permanent Residency. Only registered migration agents can give you accurate advice regarding that matter, and even they would tell you that this is probably the least sure way of getting your PR. 

In conclusion, please be wary of education agents who promise to help you get the PR, and also don’t be fooled into studying majors you don’t like just because they are on the Skilled Occupations List. Instead, come, study and benefit from truly unique experiences in Australia. 

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