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Edustralia aims to be the hub through which students and tutors connect. 

If you are a student, you can either browse our listing of registered tutors – each of whom is verified by us before being listed – or you can register as a student, tell us what you need, and we will actively work on finding the best tutor for your needs. And the fee is the most competitive out there: the price of the first session.

If you are a tutor who has one or more skills and you are looking for students to tutor, all you have to do is register. After we verify your credentials and maybe give you a call to check, we will list you on our website for thousands of students to see. Once students like you and want you to tutor them, all we will charge is the fee of the first session, which will be paid to us by the student. 

Once a session is done, we will actively solicit a review from both parties to make sure that the match was nothing less than perfect. Tutor reviews are published with their listings, and they will help to accurately reflect what many students think of this tutor. Tutors with consistently substandard performance are removed from our system, and students who cause a lot of issues are also removed. This ensures the best experience for both students and tutors. 


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